Katar Entry 2
The Black Beast

We discussed in length how to deal with the Warg. For some reason the halfling wanted to try and trap it. Keep it alive for some reason. The dwarf had some sense in him. A Warg is nothing to be kept alive. We began to leave the town when a commotion arose. A young farmer boy had been attacked and made it back to the town. It was wolves, no doubt it was wolves. We set off hastily for the farm and when we arrived there was nothing. No one inside or out. After a few minutes of investigating the elf was startled by something. They were here. We all got into the house and barred the doors. We could hear them outside. 2 dire wolves were out their for sure along with a few others. Korki was trying to talk to them like they were just trying to talk to us as well. There would be no talking, dumb girl. The wolves attacked. We took care of them without much effort but the dwarf knocked down a wall of the farmhouse to kill one. Then 6 more showed up. We fought as hard as we could but that was just barely enough. The Elf, Dwarf and Knight took massive wounds but the Preacher was making sure they wouldn’t die. We finally dispatched of them. When we left the house you could hear more in the distance. Looking in that direction was the worst thing I could have done. The dire wolves were big, but this was monstrous. Jet black and about the size of a small house he towered over the rest. They did not attack us but this farmhouse was definitely a trap to lure us here. I fear the worst has yet to come

Katar Entry 1
A Strange Dream

I awoke from a deep sleep yesterday. I had the strangest dream. I was with everyone in our party, the Dwarf, the Elf, the Halfling and the two holy men, and we went to a town named Mayend to do a job for Ed Money. Except when I awoke I was already in Mayend. I have never been here before. As the day went on everything we did reflected the dream. We followed up on the tomb of David Dorton and planned our attack on the Warg. I don’t understand. In the dream I was me, but I wasn’t myself. I looked like a hermit form the woods outside of Gaspar. I had the ability to change into an animal and knew nothing of the teachings of the Phoenix. Was this another life? No, it couldn’t be. Everything that happened in the dream happened in this life. What is happening to me. I must contact Masterb Shamoun to search for answers.

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