Trained in the House of Divine Reberth, this former slave of House Maroun has made his way to Albion to serve another master, Himself.


His dark complexion and dark hair make him stand out in Albion. His fine clothing is the only thing he keeps on him other than his traveling gear. Being from Rana and a former slave he has 3 tattoos. Only the one on the right side of his neck is visible. All freed slaves in Rana are given this tattoo at their time of release. The tattoo of the bull on his back signifies him as prime breeding potential as a slave. Lastly the Phoenix on his chest comes from the House of Divine Reberth.


A life no ALbion has ever know, Katar was sold into slavery to House Maroun at the age of 8. Showing physical skill and dominance over the other young boys he was sent to train at The House of Divine Rebirth. The Path of the Pheonix came naturally to Katar and he soon mastered the teqnique.

He spent the next few years serving in Khalif Ithar Al Zahra Maroun personal army. Participating in tasks not unlike adventuring, he became one of the favored sons of the House and was primed for breeding. He was given a choice on who he would breed with and he chose a younger slave girl. She was very beautiful and covited by most of the other Bulls. HIs eye soon caught another woman of whom he did not expect. A bedslave whom recently bought was gaining the attention of Katar. Husna was becoming a great companion to him. There was always something about her that intreaged him. He was never able to be paired with Husna due to her being infertile and the masters were afraid that Katar himself would become infertile if he laid with her. Though knowing they could never be paired, his feelings for her reamined.

After finishing out his 20 year service the now freed Monk of Pheonix left Rana to discover worlds outside his own.


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