Korki Knackle


Korki Knackle is a member of the Lammin Tuuli halfling clan.


Korki spent a very short period of her young life travelling with the gypsy-like caravan of halflings she was born into. Her parents, Bungo and Melindy Knackle, were a simple, pastoral folk, herding goats for a living. Life was simple, straightforward, and boring. Korki wanted to go places, to see things, and to learn things. The learning her parents wanted her to have referred specifically to things they thought were most important; how to live off the land, how to count your goats the proper-like way, how to handle a sick goat, and how to know that the two-timing Pincups absolutely stole or poisoned or ruined the best in your herd through their tricky abyssal magics, or just because they were “generally bad halflings.”

That being said, when Korki came up with “abyssal magics,” as all magic was something not to be trusted, her parents were appalled. There was a minor, and private, confrontation suggesting that the Pinups had cursed them, or that Melindy had spent conjugal time with the leader of the family. This was quickly pushed to the side, though, and Korki was instructed never to use her newly found talents.

Practicing in secret never ended well, as her parents always heard about it somehow, and she was punished severely for it. So, at a tender prepubescent age, Korki left the caravan in search of the Royal Order of Mages. Selling herself as an orphan, they took her in and taught her all she knows.

Korki did some odd jobs for them through most of her pubescent years. Still, the wandering wind always called to her, as it always calls to her people, and she finally requested leave to go out on her own. Now in the company of Carter and Dew, she wanders where the wind presses, searching for knowledge not found in a tower.

Korki Knackle

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