Airships are a common site in Albion as well as much of the known world as they are used for trade and travel. Airships have a faster overland speed then beasts of burden or vehicles as they are not impeded by environmental factors (other then weather). Early airship designs were dirigibles which utilized hot air, but in the time since their conception technology and magic have changed the way airships are built, here are examples.

Airships are structurally sound, and as such have resistence to all attacks unless made by a siege weapon or magic spell

Methods of Locomotion
Balloon and Prop:
Balloon and prop airships use much of the same technology found in original airship design. But instead of using lighter then air gasses, flammable gasses, or hot air. The ship is fueled using Residuum too spark combustion in the propeller engines, and residuum treated gas to cause the balloon to float.
Speed Bonus: This is the base propolsion type for an Airship
Price Increase: This is the Base Price for an Airship

Soarwood and Sail:
Like their seafaring counterparts, these ships use wind power as locomotion, pushed through the sky by an array of sails. The ships are held aloft by magically treated lumber, or “Soar-Wood”, a rare tree found across the sea on the continent of Salvaje.
Speed Bonus: 2 Squares
Price Increase: 1000 gp.
Solid Construction: Double the Airship’s Hitpoints

Ships powered solely by magic are common, but expensive. Magic or soar-wood is used to keep the ship’s frame afloat, while a magical device or even a bound elemental powers the ship’s movement.
Speed Bonus: 6 Squares
Price Increase: 5000 gp
Solid Construction: Double the Airship’s Hitpoints

Airship Classes:

Airships are sorted into these classes based on size and cargo space.

Albatross Class

The Albatross is perhaps the most basic form of Airship. Little more then a flying longship, Albatross class ships rarely have more then a single exposed deck. It is not uncommon to see this class of airship to be made from scratch, or a hodgepodge of other airship parts. Detractors of this style of ship see it as cheap and unsafe, but far more see it as spacious, economical, great for short voyages, and thus cementing it as a somewhat common sight in Albion’s skys.

Crew: Pilot +3
Defense: 8
Hit Points: 150
Base Speed: 6 Squares (Overland 8)
Dimensions: 4 squares wide by 14 squares long
Space: 50 Medium Creatures
Cargo: 3 Tons
Weapon Hardpoints: 0
Price: 2000 gp.

Falcon Class

Falcon class airships were one of the first designs to pick up speed in aeronautical design. A strong all around craft which boasts 4 decks, an observation platform, a top crew deck, a mid passanger deck, and a cargo hold. The Falcon also boasts superior ports to add firepower making a srong choice for armed forces.

Crew: Pilot +5
Defense: 9
Hit Points: 200
Speed: 8 Squares (Overland 11)
Dimensions: 4 squares wide by 8 squares long
Space: 30 Medium Creatures
Cargo: 20 tons
Weapon Hardpoints: 6
Price: 4500 gp.

Swift Class

The Swift design is an effort to make an airship faster then the Falcon, but able move more cargo. Utilizing lighter armor and no passanger deck, the Swift can top speeds of 70 mph. Between the Observation deck, the crew deck, and the expanded cargo bay, there is little room for armaments.

Crew: Pilot +4
Defense: 7
Hit Points: 125
Speed: 12 Squares (Overland 16)
Dimensions: 2 squares by 6 squares
Space: 20 Medium Creatures
Cargo: 30 Tons
Weapon Hardpoints: 4
Price: 5000 gp

Eagle Class

Ships of this size exist only in theory, stats stated are based on assumtion as a ship this size would be so expensive and so massive it would only conceivably be utilized as a war machine.

Crew: Pilot +20
Defense: 9
Hit Points: 300
Speed: 12 squares (15 overland)
Dimensions: 8 squares by 20 squares
Space: 200 Medium Creatures
Cargo: 500 tons
Weapon Hardpoints: 40
Price: Unknown, possibly well into the hundreds of thousands.



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