New Technology Weapons

New Tech

weapon (ranged)
Name Price Damage Weight Properties Group
Simple Missile Weapons
Harper Pistol 25 gp 1d8 piercing 6 lb. Range 75/150 Firearms
Revolver Pistol (Colt Frontier 1873) 100 gp 1d8 piercing 2.5 lb. Range 150/300, magazine 5 Firearms
Carbine Rifle (Winchester 1900) 250 gp 1d10 piercing 6 lb. Range 600/1000, Two-Handed, magazine 10 Firearms
Light Machine-Rifle 500 gp (illegal) 1d8 piercing 6 lb. Range 150/300, Two-Handed, magazine 30/100, special 1 Firearms
Name Price Damage Weight Properties Group
Heavy Simple Missile Weapons
Blunderbuss 10 gp 4d4 piercing 10 lb. Range 15, Special 2 Firearms
Flintlock Musket 35 gp 1d10 piercing 10 lb. Range 300/500, Two-handed Firearms
Name Price Damage Weight Properties Group
Dynamite 5 gp 2d6 force .5 lb. Range 10 ft., Radius 10 ft. Special 3 explosives
Shrapnel Grenade 10 gp (Illegal) 3d6 slashing 1 lb. Range 10 ft., Radius 20 ft., Special 4 explosives
Smoke Grenade 1 gp Smoke 1 lb. Range 10 ft, 10 ft Radius, Special 5 explosives

*Special 1: As an Action, a Machine Rifle can spray a 10 ft area with gunfire. The attacker rolls once and compares the attack to the AC of all creatures in the target area, then rolls one damage roll for all creatures.

*Special 2: The Blunderbuss fires a cone of projectils 15 ft away, creautres in the area must make a dexterity save, DC 13, and take half damage on a success. A Blunderbuss can not be fired the same turn it is loaded.

*Special 3: As an action, Dynamite can be placed so that it ignores Structural resistence. Dynamite explodes at the end of the attacker’s turn.

*Special 4: As an action, the attacker must make a ranged attack, DC 10 to throw the grenade into target area, and then roll an attack +5 against all creautres in the target area.

*Special 5: Smoke provides cover and concealment over a 10 ft radius, and lasts one minute. For an additional 5 silver, smoke grenades can release colored smoke, making them great imprompto markers for airships.

Harper Pistol Powder and Load 5cp per load and shot
Revolver Pistol Magazine 5 sp per 5 rounds
Blunderbuss Load 5 sp per load and shot
Musket Powder and Load 5 cp per load and shot
Carbine Magazine 1 gp per 10 rounds
Machine Rifle Magazine (30 Shot) 3 gp
Machine Rifle Drum (100 Shot) 10 gp

New Technology Weapons

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