Indigenious Races:

Humanity: By far one of the most powerful (or at least visible) races on Ald, second only to Rana. Humans inhabit the nation of Albion, but have colonies all over the known world. The origin of Humanity is a mystery. On average, humans believe that they were created by the Gods, and are favored by the prevailing God , Era. Others believe that Humans may be decscended from any number of other races, from Dwarves, Giants, Elves, etc. This theory is widely held by the Daeva of Rana, who believes their achievement in crossbreeding humans with other races as slave stock is due to their common ancestory.


High Draxian: The church of Era teaches that Era taught Draxian to all sentiant life on the planet, and that Languages such as Dwarvish and Elvish are bastardizations of the original. Draxian is known to be Humanity’s first language, but it’s link to other languages is suspect. High Draxian is technically a “dead” language, but is still used in formal settings in Albion. High Draxian is commonly known by Albion Nobles, Knights, and Mages (many magic tomes are written in Draxian).

Common: Called as such because of it’s ease to learn and it universal use. Common is based on the Human “Draxian” langauge, but overtime has changed to accomadate words from many other languages, including Dwarvish, Elvish, Halfling, and Rana. Anyone who assosciates with a trading society can learn common.

Organizations of Note

The Royal Order of Mages Rom
The Almanac’s Guild Almanacs guild
The Knights of Draxa


Population: 30,000
Full Time Guards: 300 (1500 conscriptable) Captain of the Guard Teddy McClain
Authority: Minister and National Council
Export: Trade
Features of Note:
Capital of Albion

Population: 1571
Full Time Guards: 15 lead by Captain Harrison Howard
Authority: Council of Elders (Ruling Noble Dewinter is absent)
Export: Pomegranate
Features of Note:
Dewinter Manor

Population: 2734
Full time Guards: 27 lead by Constible Victor Greyson
Authority: Lord Jason Belmont
Export: Silk, Clothing, Finery
Features of Note:
The White Spider inn
Beauregard Manor
Closest Civilized settlement to Webwood

Population: 1710
Full Time Guards: 17
Authority: Marshel Connor Gallagher
Export: Lumber, Woodcraft
Features of Note:
The Singing Wench Tavern
At the edge of the Wolfwood

Population: 2274
Full Time Guards: Sheriff Deti Kadiev (600 Conscriptable)
Authority: Lord Locke Silivasi
Export: Lumber, Iron, Iron goods
Features of Note:
Castle Iorga
The Twin Lanterns Inn
Deep in the Wolfwood forest, in the Lorrune Mountains

Population: 11809
Full Time Guards: 118
Authority: Lord Shade Dewinter
Export: Trade, ships
Features of Note:
Sea and Airship Docks
Albion’s Largest Port
The Croft’s unofficial capital

Population: 1930
Full Time Guards: 20 Lead by Constable Tomi Raita
Authority: Lady Pirjo Ronkainen
Export: Silver
Features of Note:
Ancient City built out of the rock of a large cove
Belived to be remenents on Dwarven Civilization

Population: 635
Full Time Guards: 6 Lead by Constable Louis Watson
Authority: Mayor Lucy Miles
Export: Beans
Features of Note:
Near the “Lost Tomb of Sir David Dorton”
Site of “The Wolf Siege of Mayend”


New Darswen


Ald Hylden Hylden