Albion Law

The Law in Albion is the same throughout. In each civilized settlement there is a judge or a number of judges (depending on the size of the town or city) that pass judgement on those accused of crimes against the people of the settlement. This duty may be fulfilled by an official in the settlement (noble, mayor, etc.) in smaller settlements, but in larger cities there are judges appointed by the ruling body. If a fine can not be paid in full within 24 hours of the accused being found guilty, they must spend one day in prison per 10 gold in cost of fine.

Laws and their punishments (if found guilty) follow

Public Brandish of a Deadly Weapon:
It is illegal to carry a dangerous Military Melee weapon in public (any weapon that does more damage then a d4 or d6 with few exceptions, including Quarterstaves). It is legal to own such a weapon, or carry it while it is packed away (the equivalent to having it packed in a backpack, securely peace-tied or taking a short rest to produce it.) Such weapons may be wielded, openly displayed, or carried on private property, such as in a shop, in a yard with a privacy fence, on a vessel,or in a home.
Fine: 3 x the base cost of the weapon

It is illegal to enter private property uninvited.
Fine: 100 Gold

It is illegal to leave someone’s private property with an item that belongs to them.
Fine: Value of Item x 5 (value to be decided by judge or expert on item . Accused can NOT be considered as expert)

Disturbing the Peace:
It is illegal to cause a commotion as to disturb the peace in a public or private place. This law is usually used as a blanket law to “split people up” or give someone causing trouble time to cool off.
Fine: 10 Gold

It is illegal to fight in a civilized hold. Even those merely defending themselves are suspect of breaking this law. Severety of punishment when breaking this law is usually dependent on the severity of the situation. Participating in a bar fight and being picked up by a leniant deputy might get you a warning or “disturbing the peace”. Full out armored combat in the city streets will likely merit you punishment to the fullest extent of the law.
Fine: 300 Gold

It is illegal to take the life of a citizen of Albion. Those found guilty of murder are held until they can be picked up by a prison caravan where they will be shipped off for at least 10 years of hard labor.
Fine: 10 Years in Prison

It is illegal to sexually assault a citizen of Albion. Those found guilty of rape are held until they can be picked up by a prison caravan where they will be shipped off for at least 3 years of hard labor. That is if the town guard is plucky enough to protect you from a potential lynch mob.
Fine: 3 years in Prison

Albion Law

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