Forest Gods

Legend says that sometime after the Dawn War, Ald the World called to all living creatures on the planet, and sought to unify all souls.

This was an abomination in the eyes of Era, as individuality is the mark of sentient speices.

Ald the World spoke to all creatures high and low to establish order in the kingdom of nature. Primal Spirits Became one with the species of the world to establish order and guide the survival of all life. Nature, for all it’s power, is a delicate balance and it is the responsibility of the Primal Spirits in times of great need to uphold it. It’s said that once the most powerful of primal spirits the “Forest Gods” walked in plain sight, and worked openly with all species to achieve harmony. If that were true, it has long since past into Myth. Tales of Forest Gods are myths and legends, stories told to children and shared around camp fires (usually of which the forest god is potrayed as an evil spirit, an antagonist to the hero).

Moro the Wolf Mother, Mother of Wolves, The Speaking Wild.

Moro is the mother of all wolves, spiritually and physically. She is the progenator of Wolves, Direwolves, Warg, and some say even Lycanthropes. Moro is not inherently evil, but like her children the Warg, though she has Sentient intellegence, she lacks compassion to all but her breed. Those familiar with the Forest God’s teachings know that Moro teaches her children that the mortal races are hunters, not prey, and so the slaying of mortal races is to establish dominence or territory, never for food. Many, many human stories teach otherwise.

Okkoto the Boar Elder, Grandfather Courage, The Fearless Wild

Of all the Forest Gods, none is more fearsome then Okkoto, the great Boar. His courage and ferocity hold legend in the tales of every living race on Ald. Okkoto has never known defeat, has never surrendered, and gives no quarter. In Salvaje, many Elven warriors hunt boar as a right of passage, consumning the heart to consume a portion of Grandfather Courage’s strength. This does indeed mark a warrior’s courage, as Okkoto still walks the deep woods of the continent.

The White Widow the Mother of Spiders, Dancer of the Pattern Web, Wild of Fates

Generations ago, seeing that the Mortal Races were slowly pushing the Forest Gods from Albion, The White Widow bound herself to a mortal to ensure that the fate of the wilds would always be bound to the mortal races. Over time this pact (as well as the widow’s true name) was forgotten by the mortal races who pushed not only the Forest Spirits out of the land, but also sought to segregate themselves from one another. They say The Widow’s tomb lies in Webwood the forest near Saxon that is home to giant spiders.

Epona The Prime Mare, The Mare Foremother, Wild of the Wind

It’s said at the begining of time, a war between Gods and Primordial Ancients rocked the universe, because of the brutality and horror of the conflict the Sun hid it’s face for many centuries. By the conflict’s end, The World and its spirits had pushed the God and Elemental from it’s lands, but still the cosmos were out of balance. All creation threatened to crumble, and life rapidly receded from Ald, until Epona, Mare Foremother and the very symbol of Ald’s strength pulled the Sun from it’s hiding place and drove it across the sky. In doing so Epona taught the sun, and all life surviving the conflict strength and courage.

Flidais the Spirit of Life, Spirit Walker, The Living Wild

When Ald first gained sentience, it knew that to new life must be created, and as it stretched out to touch the world with life, Flidais, the first of it’s children was born. Flidais is characterised as a great stag, with three-toed feet and the face of a green man. Unlike other Forest Gods, Flidais has no agenda, where it walks, life flourishes.

Hei-Bai The Dream King, the Dreaming Bear, The Sleeping Wild

Hei-Bai is the Dream, those who worshiped Hei-Bai claim that Hei-Bai is also the king of bears, as they are beasts that hybernate and spend much of their lives as vassals of the Dream King. It’s said that Hei-Bai touches the dreams of all living creatures, and as such has a vast wealth of knowledge, but knowledge bound in muddle memmories and fancy.

Forest Gods

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