North eastern lands of dwarves and giants.

Dwarves are considered an elusive and mysterious by many races, truth be told, Dwarves are a clanish bunch who’s perfectly happy being left to themselves. Dwarves place a great deal of emphasis on personal honor and the legacy they leave behind, and the primary way in which other races interact with dwarves is through trade. Those who trade with Dwarves speak of them being frugul at best and at worst downright stingy, though this isn’t necissarily untrue, Dwarven society also places a great deal of emphasis on complete restitution for quality work. A dwarf will never sell or buy goods at a “bargin price” or for any less then an object’s worth, they do often overpay for quality work or impressive service. Due to the very few individuals actually travelling the world, coming from a race of master artisans with a strong work ethic, this is rarely seen outside the dwarven holds of Ohtosk.

Two types of dwarves persist in Ohtosk, Hill and Mountain Dwarves. There are few noticable physical difference between the two outside of culture. Mountain dwarves make home in the grand keeps built on, into, and under the Ohtosk mountains. Hill Dwarves live in the Stoney Hills near the edges of Dwarven keeps, prefering more time on the surface. Though dwarves recognize the differences of the two sub-races, there is no social differences to seperate them. The Dwarves are good people, untruworthy of outsiders, but good.

Little is known about the giants, some believe they were the first civilization of the planet, others say they were the children of primordials who helped shape the world. Most who’ve experienced meeting a giant find this hard to believe, as they are little more then brutes who are as likely to smash and eat you as they are to utter a single coherent sentance. There are though, dwarven tales of ancient times when great titans of elemental might roamed the planet, and that deep in the wilds of Okhotsk, their cities still stand.


Ord: The language of the Dwarves.

Spraak: The Giant’s tongue. Few know the full giant’s language, as the tongue itself is teetering on on death.


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