The eastern lands are home to the Deva, and various former slave races who were recently emancipated by the Deva. Rana shares borders with Albion, giving them reason to build formidable border defenses as a war a war has recently ended.

Indigenious Races:

Daeva Masters of Magic and Civlization, the Daeva are the most powerful race on Ald. Native to Rana, The Daeva believe that they are the living incarnations of gods and few dispute their claim. The Daeva are incredibly long lived, and when they die, they believe themselves to be reincarnated. The Daeva have let few outsiders close enough to prove or disprove this claim, even the “Slave races” though integrated into Rana’s Society for centuries, know little about their deific master’s history.

The Daeva have a long history of keeping slaves, though only in the last century was slavery partially abolished in Rana. Currently, the practice in Rana is that any child may be sold into slavery. Though this practice is seen as barbaric in Albion, children sold in service to a House of Rana are given advantages that many children in even Albion do not have, including food, shelter, clothing, formal education, etc. After a full Twenty years of service, Rana law dictates that the House must offer a slave freedom. Many house circumvent this by locking individuals into indentured servitude. Again, there are laws to protect “Servile Races” from being mistreated, and with alleged millennium of wisdom, few Daeva are foolish enough to “misuse” their property.

Adha Yogini, Half-Elves: Long before the establishment of Albion, it is said that Rana spread it’s influence across the world, and from the distant continent of Salvaje, they brought captive elves back to Rana, and there bred them with human stock, creating a race both quick and perceptive, yet hardy and adaptable.

Adha Baune, Half-Dwarves, Muls: From the northern continent of Okhotsk, the Daeva spirited away dwarves. Mixed with Human stock the tough a strong and adaptable race known as the Mul, or Half Dwarves.

Adha Visalakaya, Half-Giants: Again from Okhotsk, the Daeva used potent magics to steal Giants away to Rana, and their blood mixed with Humanity, the Adha Visalakaya, Half giants were born. Formidable beings with the Intellegence and will of a man, and the strength of many men.

Adha Janavara, Half-Orcs: Believed to be a race derivative of beasts, the origin of the Orc is unknown. What is known is that the ferocity of the Orc is unmatched by mortal races, a power the Daeva sought to harness, paired with the intelligence and adaptability of Humanity, the Half-Orc is powerful being fueled by aggression.


Bhasa: The Language of the Slaves in Rana, a smattering of ancient common, dwarven, elven, giant, and orcish. The Bhasa language is hard to track due to it’s varience.


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