The Creation Myth

In the beginning there was Night , void and lifeless. Only the stars spanned it’s reach, their light but small holes in a sheet of darkness. Then from Heaven and Chaos came the Gods and Primordials. Working together they brought life to the blackness and shaped the world. The Primordials raised the mountains, carved the rivers and oceans, and crafted the world after the majesty that resides in their souls. They gave the world a beating heart of fire at it’s core. The Gods in turn populated the world with life, giving breath to the trees and grasses, giving life to the beasts of the planet. There was harmony and the world became a Holy garden, a testament to the Unity of Elemental and Divine.

But in time the Gods grew lonely. Though they were many, the Gods felt a longing, that same longing that is felt from a woman who wishes to be with child. And so the Gods created life in their images making a great number of races. But when they saw their creations, the Gods realized that though they had worked together to make a perfect world, they had worked individually to create life in their image, and so their work was flawed. In their imperfection the races bickered amongst themselves, creating conflict. The Gods loved their creations, and saw fit to allow them survival. The Gods, frustrated by their creation’s lack of perfection saw fit to Unify again and bring about a perfect race, one that shared the best traits of all Gods and could master the the world’s challenges and bring peace to the the God’s Children. They thus created Man.

The Primordials grew jealous of the God’s ability to create life, and attempted in vain to create life as well, but created only pure expressions of the elements themselves, and let them lose upon the world. Where man and other races were meant to grow, survive, and love, fire is only meant to burn, ice to freeze, wind to blow. Conflict arose between to children of Element and Divine. Soon that anger spread to the creators and the Dawn war began, a dark time where mortals and gods faced elemental and primordial and war scarred the world.

The deaths of countless beings echoed through the bones of the world, their blood seeping into it’s rivers and oceans, and the power of the blood of god and primordial alike mingled and woke Ald the World. It’s plea to the Gods and Primordials to cease their was started as a whisper, but then built to a shout. The power of the Gods was insurmountable as was that of the Primordials, but in the face of an enemy that used their combined strength they were no match. The Primal forces of the world sought to wipe all sentient life from it’s face and start anew, and with the already dwindling numbers of Mortals, Gods, and Primordials it could do so easily. It was Era, our Goddess who stepped forward and offered accordance with the planet.

“Spare the Mortal Races” she said “And the Gods will end this war and return to the heavens.” And trembling, our Goddess pleaded with the soul of the world “I ask that you allow me influence of my children, so that I may guide them to peace and safety.” Ald the World sensed sincerity in our Goddess’s words, and spared the children of the divine and our Goddess.

Still the Primordials and their children raged, and many Gods whom disagreed with our Goddess’ actions continued on a destructive path of war as well. The day of Judgement came when Ald the World cracked open and swallowed Primordial, elemental, and heathen God alike. The World closed up grinding all enemies of peace and life between it’s bones and sealing them away forever in its molten heart.

The Creation Myth

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