The Old Gods

The Arcanist:
Veles the God of Magic may be characterized as a bearded man, partially serpent with horns of an herbavore. Also said to rule the the Twilight Lands, which is a green, wet world of grassy plains and dense forests, in a state of perpetual Spring. It is said that for 4 months of the year (Winter), Gyphi, the Patron of Harvest receeds from Ald to the Twilight Lands to rest, and in some belief circles, to spend time with Veles, as the two are lovers.

The Lifegiver:
Gyphi The Patron of Harvest and Fertility is characterized as either a nude (aroused) juvenile male or a nude juvenile female with child, either appears with a Gazelle’s horns. Though worship of the “Harvest Sire” in no longer practiced, many soon to be mothers (or those who wish to be) offer prayers and small offerings of grain, seeds, and/or milk.

The Lightbringer:
Khepri Goddess of Morning Sun was the daughter of Ra, the Midday Sun, and sister of Atum The Evening Sun. Khepri is a benevolent Goddess of light and goodness, it is said that once she abhorred violence of all types, until the dawn war, when her father and brother were slain and resurrected by Chernobog, The Black God. Khepri was forced to destroy her resurrected kin, and taking her father and brother’s mantles, smote Chernobog, scattering his remains across the cosmos so that he may never rise again under his own power. Khepri teaches to hold reverence for all life, but to stop at nothing to purge creation of Chernobog’s tainted essence.

The Protector
Mauduun is the god of family, hearth, and home. Portrayed as a stout man with a large beard, many believed that the Dwarven God, Mordin is actually Mauduun. This may indeed be the case, simply a slightly different interpretation of the diety. Some followers believed that with proper worship of Mauduun, comes literal protection of the home, from evil spirits and those who sought to destroy families. In older folklore, Mauduun would send small creatures in his likeness, stout brown men with large beards to clean and protect a home. Those who know anything about dwarven culture know that there is nothing more sacred then a clean and safe home, but dwarves seldom look after homes other then those of their family’s.

The Reaper
Chernobog, the Black God is the Taker of Lives, the Enslaver of Souls, and the Great Betrayer. During the Dawn War, the power of gods and primordials threatened to rend the universe, but Chernobog saw only potential. Chernobog took the power of the gods and primordials and made it his own, twisting life and creation to consolidate power. It’s said that when gods and primordials realized what Chernobog sought to achieve, the war halted just long enough for Chernobog to to be brought down. By then much of the damage was done, Chernobog had corrupted much of the god’s and primordial’s work, and slayed many of both in the process. It was Khepri the Morning Sun who struck the fatal blow, but knowing Chernobog would rise again, she cut him in to pieces and scattered his remains so that he may never rise again.

Still there are those that still revere the Black God secretly, praying for power and believing that Chernobog is not a god of death, but of dark freedom, freedom from the gods and the “laws” of the cosmos. Though this belief may be miguided, to simply say that Chernobog is a “Death God” would be as if to say Khepri is the Goddess of candle flames, Veles is the God of fesitval food, and Gyphi is the god of babies. Death and Unlife are but tools to The Black God. Chernobog’s domain is Blasphemy.

The Stormcaller
Skeiron is an anomoly in the pantheon of old gods, as it is said that he was the child of God and Primordial. It’s said that with the wisdom of a god and the power of a primordial force, Skeiron was able to perform great works in the cosmos, works unrivaled by God, Primordial, or any other being in the heavens, despite his mixed lineage this made him popular with the forces. In time Skeiron took a wife in Aos Si, an astral being said to be one of the proginators of the Fae (though no record exists of whether Aos Si was God, Primordial, or other.). It is said only that tragedy befell Aos Si during the dawn war, but not what or why, only that she fell, and so Skeiron fell as well into a deep agony, into the sea. What returned from the depths was no longer an avatar of divine creation, but a terror that made the heavens themselves tremble.

They say it was that moment when Ald awoke, as it heard Skeiron scream out in agony. They say it was Ald that pulled Skeiron beck into the depths of the sea, to sleep. They say that when waves rise high enough to topple boats and drag coastal towns to sea, Skeiron Stirs. They say even in slumber, Skeiron the Stormcaller awaits his vengeance.

The Trickster

The Warbringer

Other Known Gods:

The Earth Father, Dwarven belief holds that in divine union, Mordin sculpted the first dwarves from “Uras” The Earth Mother (and the dwarven name for the planet itself).


The Old Gods

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